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To-day is May 3rd. The British Electorate goes to the polls on June 8th. The cretinous, the stupid and the woefully incompetent are all set to continue engaging in a hugely meaningless spat and exchange of vacuous platitudes for quite some time yet. Everyone else is lying, twisting the facts and in the pockets of whatever socio-economic group the others are currently expressing distrust over. Meanwhile in the real world, the Sovereign Electorate, has I believe, not forgiven the vituperative slander and defamation heaped upon them by the various parties,politicians,experts and commentators in the wake of the #Brexit victory in the EU Referendum 2016.  And irrespective of the many pressing issues and concerns confronting the UK today, the Parties one way or another are investing their #GE2017 campaigns heavily in a de-facto restaging of last June's plebiscite. Labour posing as #LabourIn for example, wagered everything on a Remain outcome last June and lost badly handing all immediate political benefit and control over the #brexit process to, albeit largely clueless, Tory control. An exquisitely excruciating existential dilemma now confronts the party of Blair & Kinnock. 70% of the electorate in Labour held parliamentary constituencies favoured Leave whilst roughly the same percentage of Labour voters favoured Remain. Perhaps the Leave voters aren't the stupid,illiterate,racist,xenophobic little englander bigots and malcontents all 200+ #LabourIn MPs said that they were after all? For my part, Schadenfreude is so worth looking forward to with eager anticipation on the morning of June 9th. I can barely contain myself.

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Comments (2)

  1. stevehayes13

    Theresa May has noticed that European Union politicians and bureaucrats are interfering in the British election. Maybe she will impose sanctions and cut off diplomatic relations?

    May 03, 2017
  2. louiskasatkin

    UK politicians can’t “do” populism or proper demagoguery.Pity.

    May 04, 2017