kulturist no.752

For quite some time now,the intellectual capacity of the individual UK citizen to express their political preferences via the ballot box, has been called into question. Last year's EU Referendum campaign became characterised by the increasingly strident and intolerant discourse of the Remain campaign,that in effect labelled all those that voted Leave as amongst other epithets ,variously- ignorant/uneducated/racist/xenophobic/reactionary /little englanders/stupid/elderly/working class. Nearly a year on from the triumph of #brexit, and the very bodies,parties,prominent individuals and commentariat who engineered and drove that particular vehicle of vituperative mass slander and defamation are still about their nefarious business. It is therefore somewhat,but not altogether disquieting when the twisted Inquisitorial logic of the failed Remoaner campaign is employed within the context of this General Election campaign.

McCluskey said working class voters who say they are going to vote Tory for the first time are doing so “because their mind is being turned by the constant attack of the media on Jeremy Corbyn and the image that they’ve pinned on Jeremy.”

It is eminently fairand reasonable to assert that, a working class voter who might vote Tory will be doing so because they are exercising, of their own free will and volition, their inalienable democratic rights to express their own individual political preferences-for which no prior explanation needs to be given to anyone else as to why they voted the way they did. The likes of McCluskey assert that such a working class voter would only vote Tory because, as I am Len knows, it is because their mind is being turned by the media. This virtuous and far-sighted leader of the heroic proletarian vanguard doesn't digress and try to apply a similar analysis as to why a middle class or upper class voter might vote Tory or Labour or whatever. Their minds presumably are of an altogether different nature from those of the archetypal working class voter who needs to explain their motives to McCluskey's Stasi. Len knows all and cares fuck all about democracy.

Len - " I am Len " McCluskey was recently re-elected as UNITE union General Secretary on a membership ballot turn out of 12% .Wherein a three way contest he garnered less than half the votes cast; e.g the active consent equal to around 5% of the union's total membership.

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