kulturist no.754

Today is not a good day here in Great Britain.We have suffered yet another Islamic terrorist outrage.Yet more innocent civilian lives have been lost. And there are bound to be another thousand and one blog posts along discouragingly similar lines that have yet to be written at some point in the not too distant future. The usual PC, multiculti #PrayFor #StandTogether hashtags have been enlisted to the cause of appeasement and acceptance. The usual vacuous,sanctimonious platitudes and calls for tolerance and good neighbourliness are out in force. Our enemies are digging our graves for us and our political Class,our metropolitan elites and their commentariat are lining up to ( do what they always do at times like these ),piss on the graves of our own fallen.Because that's the way Western Christian civilisation is supposed to react. Any expression other than a group hug with the adherents of the desert sands death cult is in effect treated and recorded as a " hate crime ". Pathetic. Perhaps the stupid neocons and dimwit Trump might've considered expending 59 missiles against ISIS/DAESH and AlQaeda instead of those who are fighting them. And so it goes...It's not been a terribly good day here in appeasement,Petainist Britain.

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  1. stevehayes13

    The tomahawks were aimed a Syria assisted the jihadist terrorists. The US, France, the UK, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the EU, Qatar, Turkey all support the jihadist terrorists. Boris Johnson even boasts of UK funding of the White Helmets, a PR arm of the jihadists, led by a former MI6 officer.

    May 23, 2017