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The Social Europe site published an opinion by Simon Wren-Lewis on  the current state of the UK's brexit negotiations with the EU. In general, SWL's article was a broadly social-democratic critique of what he regards as the Left's case- " Lexit "- for leaving the EU.

So far so good,after all just like every vote cast in the EU referendum was of equal value, so too, were we to extend the argument ,ought not one man's opinion be of equal validity to everyone else's opinion on any given issue? In practice,of course this is never the case, to believe that it could be is the height of naivety.

You see, the  Simon Wren-Lewis article had as a footnote his official moniker  " Professor of Economics at Oxford University ". Of all the varied demographic groupings it was the AB social class alone amongst all of them that had a majority vote Remain in the EU referendum. And  Remain metropolitan elitists being the seditionist nest of vipers that they invariably are, it doesn't stop at the opinion,learned or otherwise of just one professor.

Today's MSM has been assailed with the announcement of a list of demands delivered to our doltish Prime Minister by no less an august grouping than that representing the UK's leading 10 universities. Their particular strategic line of assault against Brexit is centred on the supposed infringement of the copious Rights enjoyed by EU citizens sojourning in the UK who also happen to be working at universities.

And so it goes. The metastasizing Remain insurgency asserts that every conceivable sector of the economy in one shape or form or another is under dire immediate existential threat because of the looming brexit. Whether or not it even actually eventuates or not.

As for the democratic will of the UK's sovereign electorate as expressed in a binding referendum agreed as such by parliament itself; that clearly counts for less than nothing.And in any event the 52% were misled,didn't understand the question or did and perversely voted Leave because they are racist,insular cretins.

That would include me then?

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Comments (4)

  1. stevehayes13

    You keep repeating that the referendum was “binding” – this is not accurate. But it makes no difference because it would be political suicide to overthrow the result.

    I wonder how one can have a democratic (social or otherwise) critique of the left case for leaving the EU, an organisation that is designed to prevent democratic pressure from influencing policy formulation and implementation? I guess I will have to go read the professor’s article.

    August 03, 2017
    1. stevehayes13

      Read it now. The notion that this article was written by a professor is depressing and appalling in equal measure. The guy does not even know the difference between infer and imply. He makes no reference whatsoever to the fact that the EU is anti-democratic. He pretends that the negative effects of EU policies (the few he cannot ignore) are not the result of EU policies. He denies the blatantly obvious fact that the EU is committed to neoliberal globalism. And to add insult, he claims that the EU’s freedom of movement is good for workers, first by meaning foreigners, and second by claiming that a concern with “lived experience” is an attitude to knowledge worthy of UKIP. His argument is a half literate word game, employing logical fallacies, which clearly reveals a deep seated contempt for democracy and the working class.

      August 03, 2017
    2. louiskasatkin

      Binding in so far as Parliament agreed to accept the EURef result.

      August 04, 2017
      1. stevehayes13

        Wonder how the BBC (and the rest of the Remoaners) will spin this:


        August 11, 2017