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This time last year, David Lammy ,Labour MP for Tottenham was on stage at an anti -brexit rally in London doing his level best to incite sedition and its inevitable corollary of mob violence, against HM Government.

Today the social media tagged #lammyreview - a searing critique of the British legal system,judiciary,courts,prisons et al is broadcast far and wide across all media platforms,corporate and non-corporate.

Lammy the seditionist-manque writes,

" When David Cameron asked me to conduct a review into the over-representation of black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) individuals in the criminal justice system, I thought I was being set up to fail. So many of the causes of, and answers to, the problem lie outside the criminal justice system: poverty, lone-parent families, school exclusions, and growing up in the care system. "

He continues..

" Having looked at the evidence over the past 18 months,my judgment is that we have a significant problem in the criminal justice system itself, and that the treatment of BAME young people shows this problem is getting worse."

Lammy's report  further asserts that,

" Minority ethnic children make up a growing proportion of those offending for the first time, re-offending, and serving custodial sentences. Today 41% of under-18s in custody are from minority backgrounds, compared with 25% a decade ago."

" Young black people are now nine times more likely to be in youth custody than young white people. I expected to find the youth justice system laser-focused on this issue. Instead, I have seen large parts of the system indifferent to issues of race."

Identity politics, has it seems subsumed all other forms of political discourse here in the UK. In that sense the UK polity mirrors closer than ever before that of the USA.

And that is a tragedy of unimaginable proportions.

The political class,steered by politically correct metropolitan elites has totally neutralised and rendered ineffectual Class based political discourse and organisation.

Not even the Annual Costa Book Awards has so many innovative categories of fiction than the PC liberal, pretend-Tory,labour ,leftists have come up with. #HateCrime #Islamophobia #Homophobia #Racism.

And what is " over representation " ? or for that matter under representation by some fictitious pseudo category that has no more substance in History than a Will o' the wisp?

Houston,we appear to have a problem.


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Comments (2)

  1. stevehayes13

    Atheists are substantially unrepresented in the prison population. I wonder, does Mr Lammy want to see more atheists locked up?

    September 13, 2017
  2. louiskasatkin

    Lammy Labour logic would mean Courts levelling up the playing field by prosecuting more atheists

    September 16, 2017